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Lion Roaring

“What Do You Do?”

“What is it that you do, exactly?”

Asked a perfect stranger during my latest business trip.

I tapped into my gift of Simplicity (Gene Key 23) and this is what came through as an answer:

“Well, often people come to me because they have a lot of confusion in their life.”

* Too many options

* Too many distractions

* Too many expectations from others

I help them imagine new possibilities, ignite their hidden gifts, and build up an unwavering determination to turn those possibilities into their ideal reality.

My genius is in illumination of people’s hearts.

I bring my LIGHT (Information frequency),

I bring my LOVE (creation frequency),

And I bring my Power (catalyst and acceleration frequency)

…and the alchemy of the soul begins…

Light + Love + Power = Illumination.

This, in the simplest way, is the essence of my life’s work:


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