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Doors Open 01.11.2024

12 months

The 12-month business and leadership program is for the creative visionary who feels called to reach their highest level of sovereignty and impact ever – in their work and their lives.


We are a soul panel of conscious leaders, wisdom teachers, and coaches who sense their deepest legacy is ripe in the quantum field & ready for co-creation with the universe.


Our sacred circle is devoted to scaling our wisdom to unleash more joy and freedom in our lifestyles while impacting our world exponentially.

To actualize our bravest missions and amplify our energy—we know we must walk together.

Come expand into your creative genius with a community of allies & a trusted mentor who can reflect your inner gifts to light the path ahead.
Where You Stand:
Visionary Mastermind

Are you feeling the call of your Planetary Mission?

You were carried here by a greater vision. You've always taken a different path.

As your fellow visionary, I am treading this same path of heart-centered leadership—and I know it can be isolating. As a mentor for thought leaders, 7 to 8-figure entrepreneurs, and CEOs, I walk beside my clients to help them transcend stuck attachments, embody their genius, and ascend into ecstatic co-creation with life.

 For over 8 years, I have watched my people thrive in intimate, one-on-one immersions and through the power of accountability in groups. Visionary Mastermind is a new portal that blends both learning environments. The community exists to launch leaders into their next chapter of impact in the most supportive way I’ve ever offered. 


This council of wise entrepreneurs will incubate our genius while weaving more bliss into our lives. Together, we will codify our wisdom and erect our legacies—changing lives with our ideas for generations. I guarantee you’ll walk away from this journey profoundly transformed. 

Your Journey Ahead:

Group Mentorship Experience


Twice a month, there will be mentorship calls with your soul community led by Katerina. Your first call will deliver a transmission with theme-based training. During your second call, any member can receive holistic & personalized support from me during live Q&A session. Unearth your toughest challenges and learn what seeds you must plant to grow.

Community Wisdom


You and your mastermind community will be assigned smaller cohort groups to cultivate peer connections and accountability. You're encouraged to meet in your most natural rhythm—whether weekly or monthly. Imagine how much sharing wisdom with other successful leaders will impact your life after one year.

Membership Oasis


Land with your mission-aligned allies in a safe space hosted away from all social media. This portal invites us to share game-changing ideas and integrate wisdom together. From feedback to contemplation and laughter, we can pause from the pace of the world with loving & wise peers. This is also your easy-to-access library of course-related content.

Business Brilliance Event


For two days, you are invited to a sacred experience at my sanctuary. In California, at my spacious home, we will work together in a small circle to unearth our deepest brand messages and map a clear launch strategy. Let’s focus on visioning and amplifying your wildest goals. You'll also experience direct mentoring to see firsthand how I structure my life for success. This event is held twice yearly so ALL members can circle in service of their greatest innovation.

Private Mentoring with Katerina


You'll receive three deep dive coaching sessions with Katerina. We will explore your unique vision and design a strategy aligned with your values. This intuitive guidance—based on training hundreds of entrepreneurs—will deeply transform how you choose to lead & thrive.

Virtual Retreats


Gain full access to my 2 coveted online retreats. "Codify Your Wisdom" provides rare over-the-shoulder training to help spiritual business owners build their Thought Leadership CURRICULUM. This three-day intensive shows you the exact steps to create a time-liberating mystic business.

"The Art of Guidance" is also a three-day retreat that shows you both cosmic and practical ways to walk the path of a Mentor. Learn to structure in-person immersions, sharpen your leadership skills, and channel a crucial archetype: The Teacher.

Special Event Benefits


Mastermind members receive “first choice” access to my live events online and offline—and may even include the Peru retreat with their mastermind package for a fee. Surrounding yourself with nature & beauty creates a life-changing mental shift for leaders. At the Peru retreat, we and your group of peers will venture into this spiritually-activated land and heal using plant medicine. I offer various other majestic retreats and immersions designed to nourish the visions of leaders.

Recap Of What You Receive:

"I felt called to be a part of Katerina's mastermind for many reasons. I knew I needed a midwife to support the next birth of myself into the world. Katerina holds a high vibration, clear vision, and empowered sovereignty. She is a master in business yet she speaks energy and frequency. She weaves the cosmos into her teachings about marketing and business expansion. She's laser-focused on business but approaches it in a way I have not experienced with other coaches. Being mentored by Katerina is one of the treasured gifts in my life."
Karen Goldstein
Akashic Messenger, and Intuitive Guide

Visionary Mastermind Deliverables:

  • Codify Your Wisdom $3,500 Value
  • 1-on-1 Deep Dive w. Katerina $2,500 Value
  • Online Launches Strategies $5,000 Value
  • Camera Confidence & Conversion $5,000 Value
  • 5-Figure Webinars $5,000 Value
  • Passive Income Funnel $2,500 Value
  • 6-Figure Retreat Blueprint $5,000 Value
  • 6-Figure Proposals $5,000 Value
  • Total Value: $33,500
Enroll in the Mastermind before January 2023 at: $15,000


"Katerina's genius radiates from her like the sun. She skillfully wields her intuition, weaving her wisdom and experience into her coaching with grace, patience, and laser accuracy. Any opportunity to learn from her is one not to be missed!"
Britta Green Violet
Conscious Impact Spiritual Advisor
"I’ve learned so much over the last year of the Mastermind, I am a different person, I wanted to step into my dharma and fully embody my passion for the different levels of healing skills I’ve gained over the past years. On the beautiful journey with Katerina and the Master-minder's, I’ve borrowed their courage to step up a level and embody the Mystical gifts more fully. I stopped hiding my light and started to shine it out and I’ve attracted like-minded people and souls. Which is a beautiful place to be, as the past years had been somewhat lonely for Spiritual companions.

I am now the EnglishMystic and share Shamanic rituals for souls to meet their Dragons and power animals, and with Katerina’s beautiful guidance I’ve created a weekly meeting called 'Fiery Fridays’, encoded a Shamanic practice on Kajabi for the world to use, learned to work with others, to make my process both smoother & professional.

I am now the EnglishMystic and share Shamanic rituals for souls to meet their Dragons and power animals, and with Katerina’s beautiful guidance I’ve created a weekly meeting called 'Fiery Fridays’, encoded a Shamanic practice on Kajabi for the world to use, learned to work with others, to make my process both smoother & professional.

The soul friends I’ve made within the Mastermind, and the deep dives with Katerina within the group and in the individual calls have been truly invaluable and given me a safe and strong place to share all my fears and desires without judgment. I have found a place so divine and so beautiful that it has allowed me to find myself, my voice, and my passion and allowed me to step into my dharma. The support and encouragement from knowing a powerful soul family, has allowed me to take the big step, I resigned from the 9-5 day job and am now a full-time Mystical Healer.

If I had to put a price on the growth I’ve been through over the course of the Mastermind, It would be at least 6 figures, it’s been a phenomenal year and I’m so glad I signed up and have had the pleasure of the Mastermind, its been a truly empowering and life-changing experience.

I’ve LOVED every moment of the Mystical Mastermind.

If your soul is nudging you to take part in the next Mystical Mastermind with Katerina, let me give you the best advice I can - DO IT and enjoy the Ride :)"

English Mystic

What stops you from inviting a transformative breakthrough into your business?

Discover if this mind-expanding opportunity for leadership advisory is right for YOU—while seats are still available for this year. Heed the call of your soul's vision, because you arrived at this life to finish what you started.

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