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"The Sovereign Coach Virtual Intensive with Katerina Satori and other 20 women leaders- conscious entrepreneurs, from around the world, felt like a magical retreat in a circle of family.

Katerina is masterful in translating business topics into timeless principles and feminine language, which make it compressible to women who lead with their hearts.

Her commitment and way of being puts you at ease around the topics that can otherwise feel constricting, restricting or overwhelming; such as online marketing, virtual coaching, scaling, competition, enrollment, and pricing, just to name a few...

The content was well structured and very generous! The passion, commitment, and devotion of everybody in the virtual room were palpable. My biggest take away was the distinction of 3 levels of spiritual consciousness that clients come with. It illuminated a whole set of issues I unconsciously created in my business- for not having had this important piece in place!

"Katerina's programs always fill up fast. I am very grateful that I was able to participate in it all the way from Slovakia. Katerina delivered a needed boost in a time of social distancing and a stagnant economy, sharing her secret "know-how" in how she creates her own economy despite collective crises. I would take this program again and then again a few more times :-)"
Klara Fischerova
Mickell Rose 1-on-1

Mickell Rose

Spiritual Business Mentor for Illuminate Entrepreneurs

“Working with Katerina was the most life changing experience I’ve ever chosen to embark on. Her work is not from this earth. It’s channeled, guided, potent, and deep wisdom. During our 9 month journey together, my business morphed into something that I almost thought to be impossible.”

I was able to double my income and move from working 40-60 hours a week with 25 clients to only having 4 working days with clients, the rest of my time choosing spaciousness or creative deep dives. That alone was such a massive gift, but that is just a fraction of the goodness that happened within our work together.

The biggest change happened inside of me. My mindset about my future, what is possible, and where I am going became infinite. My connection to spirit, abundance, and prosperity was cracked wide open! I now have this deep trust for myself and the unknown. I am excited for life, service, and expansion that I had never before tapped into.
Along with all of this amazingness… Katerina’s programs that you get access to while on a one-on-one private voyage are priceless. They are packed with wisdom to help you master your business, sales, frequency, mind, and teach you how to deeply connect to the source energy.
I’ve always said this when I speak about my work with Katerina…. It was not a coaching program I invested into… It was a life changing experience! A spiritual + business evolutionary voyage. It’s not just coaching calls and virtual programs. There is an intimate element that makes her work so sacred and special. Her work is blended with experiential elements that make the container of your work profoundly potent and unforgettable! If you desire to change your life, transmute your fears, and activate your biggest version of yourself… Katerina’s work is for you! Just say YES and spirit will help you figure out the rest.

Christopher Adamson

“I was looking for a guide and mentor to assist me in my personal and spiritual growth. I had become familiar with Katerina via social media, and I connected with her peaceful demeanor and quiet strength. During our work together she constantly challenges me to push the limits of my vulnerability, which confirms I made the right choice to work with her. What I learned about Leadership while mentoring with Katerina is that leaders constantly remind their people of what is important. The man I have become as a result of mentoring with Katerina is more confident and comfortable in his own skin. The biggest wins and growth I celebrate since starting to work with Katerina are welcoming more abundance into my life and learning to connect with my heart. Katerina has also assisted me with gaining mastery over my mind. I have begun to see how I am a co-creator of my reality.”

Dr. Alexandra Pardhy, M.D.

“I see Katerina as a Spiritual and Business Mastery Doula. With steadfast, gentle firmness she ushered me though even the most wracking attacks of self doubt birthing me into a time of true financial sovereignty. Finally equipped with the sales skills to match the kind of clientele I had been longing to call in, this Journey with Katerina has given me the experiences to solidify and validate the badass I knew I was capable of being. Katerina has such an incredibly light and tinkling crystalline energy field. It is the quality of this that permeates the work, thankfully interspersed with smiles and laughter, which are much needed along the path. Always eager to help, she is very supportive around calls, and seems to have an endless library of high quality resources for any query be it technical/business or psycho-spiritual. I am really very grateful to Katerina for taking me on as her Client and am excited to see what this next phase will bring.”

Brittney Wylde

“I knew Katerina was the woman to guide me towards my most mystical and embodied essence. She was the perfect, balanced coach for me: mystical divine feminine leader, and also incredibly powerful in the more masculine elements of structure and strategy. The biggest wins and growth that I celebrate since starting working with Katerina are taking the leap of faith and becoming a global citizen. Katerina has helped many of my dreams come true. She helped me find my soulmate. She helped me land my first six figure deal paid-in-full. Katerina held me through my most challenging initiation and celebrated with my hummingbird heart on the other side.”

Marci Lock

“Katerina is a TRUE leader. She brings the highest level of mentorship, guidance, and transformational mastery to the world. She is embodiment of Integrity, Love, and a Better Future for Humanity.”

Judy Godhart

“I have to warn you though, if you work with Katerina, a lot will happen. No stone will be left unturned. A truly incredible transformation that awaits you if you have the courage to really look yourself in the eye and meet yourself as a completely new person. If you get the chance to work with her because I know she is selective, then just take it. It is such an enriching experience and goes way beyond coaching or business. It is such a personality shaping experience with her.”

Charles Schaar

“I’ve worked with Katerina Satori for almost a year as her personal client and it changed my life: forever for better. She has a unique and powerful presence and can guide you to the most powerful place in the universe – being one with yourself, with your soul. I am forever grateful for Katerina.”
“Katerina was my co-pilot, as my business coach, during some of the most difficult transitions in my business. She helped me find my voice and my style in the business arena, helped me gain confidence and skills in generating clients for my firm.”
"Katerina Satori is a master teacher and powerhouse guide. She has served me as my main leadership coach and business mentor. Working with Katerina is like working with the most benevolent, motherly psychic who also happens to be an expert business strategist. She has an uncanny eye for recognizing the creative genius within her clients and supporting them in bringing it out into service. You'll feel seen, loved, and supported as you expand into embodying more of your dormant potential when you work with her. She can also be a tough coach when you need one. She won't settle for less than your best. That being said, she will hold you in the field of Infinite Love and Grace when you are at the low points along your entrepreneurial path. Work with Katerina if you want to step into awakened leadership at a time when humanity desperately requires Divine Guidance. She can show you the way."
"Thank you for our private intensive together, Katerina. To say it’s been highly transformative does not even start to describe it! First of all, I recouped my investment BEFORE our day together, just by using one simple strategy that you gave me in the prep material. But that is just the beginning of it. What happened on this day was magical. You are magical. You come to the moment with such pure love, being totally grounded AND connected at the same time. We feel heard, with zero judgment, and it’s priceless. Our day has helped me tremendously to realign my business in the right direction AND it healed some pretty deep personal stuff at the same time.
Thank you a thousand times."
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