Transdimensional Seer | Wisdom Channel | Mystical Mentor
Experience Divine Feminine activations, designed to remove subconscious blocks and awaken the profound healing light codes within.

Katerina has opened the path of female wisdom for me and changed everything in my life.

- Tina Breit, Mentor for Visionary CEO’s

What would your reality look like if you could access MORE of your soul power?

What would you create if you could unlock a new level of your creative genius?

What would you be able to attract into your life if you amplified your magnetism?

Hi, it’s Katerina here, and I’ve supported hundreds of people on their empowerment journey. My most immense joy is to assist them in connecting to the most MYSTERIOUS power of all – they’re Kundalini.

At the bottom of our spine, our creative power lies sleeping until our consciousness is ripe for awakening.

You are being guided to this page as a sign that it is time to meet your more profound power.

The power of your INNER feminine.

Our inner feminine is the voice of our intuition, the hidden portal to our extrasensory abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, and pre-cognition.

Our inner feminine is a doorway to our creative genius

That unique creative expression only we can bring to the world.

In the last eight years of mentoring people from all walks of life, from 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs to CEOs and thought leaders, coaches from all industries, and visionaries, what I have found to be true is that almost none of them utilized the power of their kundalini to its full potential.

Most of them did not have access to the proper knowledge on how to work with their inner feminine safely and gradually.

Most did not realize their creative genius was hidden inside their DNA, under the layers of subconscious patterns and belief systems blocking that connection.

What subconscious beliefs you may wonder?

Well, a belief that it is not safe to be powerful. Or that it is dangerous to be radiant.

A belief that if you choose to follow your inner freedom, you will lose something (be it your friends, followers, or family)

Those beliefs around our power are also connected to the wounds in our past lives. .

Karmic Imprints echo what has happened in our past lives that we energetically feel an impact on our lives today.

From our soul’s perspective, everything is happening NOW; simultaneously, our past lives are running parallel; every shift we make creates a ripple throughout our incarnations, liberating us to our greater power and creative brilliance.

This is where I come in…

Fusing subconscious mind re-pattering with ancient mystery teachings on alchemy, I CHANNEL healing processes that liberate one’s trapped power and unlock hidden gifts.

I serve as a conduit for the Sacred Feminine and bring forth the energetics of different Goddess expressions, from Goddess Isis to Lakshmi, Innana, Kali, and many more.

I invite you to join me in the upcoming

Divine Feminine Activations

A unique energetic transmission and subconscious blocks removal series, where you will be immersed in the healing light codes of the Divine Feminine:

Are you Ready to…

– Identify and CLEAR subconscious resistance
– Release karmic imprint
– Activate your unique connection to each Goddess

If you are feeling the call to connect with your inner feminine…

If you wish you knew how to be more receptive and allow your desires to manifest instead of pushing and efforting towards them…

If you could access new depths of your intuitive wisdom and clear seeing…

If you could trust your beingness just as much as you trust your doingness…

Then take the next step and join me

Embark on an immersive journey through a live virtual series of transformative Divine Feminine Activations.

Date: June 28 – July 26, 2024

Join early-enrollment and get instant access to the recordings of previous cohort.

Time: 3-5 pm Pacific each class 

How can connecting with the Goddess elevate your life, including your business?

Well, everything in your life is a reflection of your consciousness.

Meeting the Goddess is an evolutionary leap of consciousness.

All male roads lead to the female.

“The beginning of the world
May be regarded as The Mother of the world.”

Know the male
Hold to the female;

― Lao Tzu

Featuring Five Goddesses:

Session 1 ~ Goddess Isis:

  • Sovereign Queen Codes
  • Alchemy and the ancient art of transmutation
  • Magic and manifestation
  • Sexual magic

Subconscious imprint clearing:

  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of gain
  • Fear of betrayal by someone you trusted

Session 2 ~ Goddess Lakshmi:

Wealth and Luxury as tools for expansion

  • Enlightenment and Self-Awareness
  • Beauty and Spaciousness
  • Boundaries and standards

Subconscious imprint clearing:

  • Scarcity and lack
  • Reversing oath of spiritual poverty
  • Clearing envy and bitterness

Session 3 ~ Goddess Kali:

  • Liberation from ego
  • Removal of illusions
  • Supreme protection
  • Goddess of time
  • Subconscious imprint clearing:

Subconscious imprint clearing:

  • Fear of aging
  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of truth

Session 4 ~ Goddess Inanna:

  • Sexuality and Power
  • Initiation rites
  • Fertility and Rebirth

Subconscious imprint clearing:

  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of your power
  • Fear of being betrayed by the masculine

Session 5 ~ Goddess Saraswati

  • Exquisite Mastery
  • Sacred Knowledge and Wisdom
  • Goddess of All Arts

Subconscious imprint clearing:

  • Fear of expression
  • Procrastination and self-sabotage
  • Distrust and hesitation to act on your inspiration

All sessions will be available as a REPLAY in your member’s area within 24 hours of the live event.

Trust your inner YES,
Katerina Satori

Transdimensional Seer – Wisdom Channel – Mystical Mentor | Founder of the Satori Frequency Method™

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