Bring forth your bold, audacious vision from the core of your wild, feminine essence


Satori Mastermind

Feminine Entrepreneurship &
Leadership Program


Step into your next level of sovereignty, success, and spaciousness

Through a mixture of mentorship techniques, community connection, and immersion.

“Your expansion is directly connected to your leadership.” - KS

You’re a mystical entrepreneur. You want to bring forth bold offerings from the seat of your soul, while getting results that soar past previous plateaus.

Meanwhile, you’re feeling stuck, uninspired, or honestly burnt-out. I get it. The entrepreneurial path can sometimes feel:

  • Overly Masculine and Structured — You’re sick of hearing about signature processes and business models. You want something that is free-flowing and unique to only you. You want divine feminine mastery.

  • Non-stop and Overwhelming — You know there’s always more you could be doing. You’re sick of doing. You want to BE. You long to create from sensual spaciousness, and from your divine feminine essence.

  • Isolated and Lonely— In business and in life, you’ve learned how to walk alone, and you’re so over that. You know it takes a community to bring about your boldest vision.

It's Time To Abundantly Blossom Together

And I take my clients to the new levels of mastery so they become the Sovereign Thought Leaders and Global Change Agents for Humanity.

I have mentored people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, attorneys, doctors, engineers, technology investors, real estate professionals, brilliant coaches and mentors, healers, authors, and speakers.

What I hear the most from clients:

“I've Never Had Such A Deep Level Of Support And Leadership In My Life."

My clients liberate themselves from their biggest fears and realize their most sacred dreams.

Do you want to become one of them?

I invite you to join me in my upcoming Satori Mastermind.
The vision for this Feminine Entrepreneurship and Leadership Program was gestating in me for the last 2 years.

The only thing that was missing in my work with my personal clients was the community for them.
The inner circle that I could nurture and grow; the community that feels like home and a safe harbor for visionary souls.

Do you crave a community that feels like a nurturing oasis, and a mentor to confide in along every stage of your growth journey?

Do you want to be around healed, empowered feminine leaders?

The time has come to make this available. And if you ever wanted to work with me as a mentor, I invite you to consider applying below.

After completing the Satori Mastermind, your business will feel:

  • Divine Feminine and Intuitive — Creative projects will course through your veins. You’ll birth life-changing content that heals, restores, and uplifts humanity.
  • Spacious and Blissful — Sabbaticals, tropical vacations, elite self-care, and retreats for your soul. Your heart, body, mind, and spirit will soar to new heights of ecstasy as you nurture yourself in a way you’ve always known was your divine birthright.
  • Connected and Supported — You’ll be able to call upon your soul allies anytime you need support or inspiration, a laugh or a cry. You’ll fearlessly rise into greater levels of mastery and sovereignty with your newfound supportive soul tribe.
Mysticism meets business during our time together.
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Satori Mastermind Is For You If...

  • You’re a powerful business owner ready to expand your service and freedom — You’ve been growing your soul-based business for a few cycles now. You’re looking for innovative strategies to have a bigger impact while experiencing more spaciousness.
  • You’re a community leader ready to broaden your reach and engagement — You’re looking to broaden your horizons — to speak to more people from your heart’s wisdom. You’re eager to utilize the platforms that make you feel uncomfortable to get to that next level. Hello, International Thought Leader.
  • You’re a masterful healer ready for her next initiation and activation. — You crave the deepest inner growth, and are excited for your initiation into the highest levels of mystery teachings. You want to activate the full expression of your codes as a Priestess of Light, including ceremonial mastery, magic, manifestation, and co-creation in conjunction with the universal laws.

Satori Mastermind Is Not For You If...

  • You’re a woman with a dream to heal the world, but you haven’t built your business yet. When you’ve been in business for at least two years, please reach out to me then.
  • You’re a messenger who wants to share her truth, but you don’t yet have a platform or a tribe that you serve. You want to do these things, you just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Come back to me when you do, Darling.
  • You’re a manifestor who’s a work-in-progress, and you don’t yet have any money set aside to level-up. You want to invest in mentorship, but your bank-account and credit-scores say otherwise. Focus on your finances, Love. Stabilize yourself, and then we’ll talk.
“I knew Katerina was the woman to guide me towards my most mystical and embodied essence. She was the perfect, balanced coach for me: mystical divine feminine leader, and also incredibly powerful in the more masculine elements of structure and strategy.”

Brittney Bergen | Coach

Our journey together will be anchored around the Divine Feminine Number 13.

We’ll share 13 months together:

12 months of mastermind magic & 1 month of integration, aka a sabbatical

  • 12 months of mastermind magic
  • 1 month of integration, aka a sabbatical

Satori Mastermind Includes:

Satori Mastermind Reveals Your:

“Katerina more than transformed my life, energy, and frequency. Working with her is an EXPERIENCE, not just a coaching program.”

Mickell Rose | Business Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Immersion Events

Virtual Retreat #1 — Become The Next Kajabi Hero
By the end of our first immersion experience, you will:

Live Event #1 —  The Art of Feminine Leadership

By the end of our second immersion experience, you will:

Virtual Retreat #2 — Building A Global Community
By the end of our third immersion experience, you will:
Live Event #2 —  Becoming A World Class Mentor
By the end of our fourth immersion experience, you will:
You’ll also receive a certificate!
Everyone who successfully completes all four immersion experiences will be provided with a certificate: The Art of Guidance, signed by myself, Katerina Satori.

You can receive this certificate as a badge of honor — a code of conduct. That I support and endorse you as a teacher, mentor, and coach.
Become one of the first certified in the Art of Guidance.
“Katerina Satori, working with you is a dream! My service became deeper and more peaceful and at the same time higher and more powerful. The power of having a coach and community that lifts you, sees you and inspires you is priceless.”

Elisabeth Finocchiaro | Breathwork Coach

I am inviting you to make a choice:

  1. Continue as you are — feeling stuck, stagnant, creatively blocked, uninspired by your vision, and like a lone-wolf in leadership
  2. Leap into leadership — feeling alive, inspired, full of joy, on fire with your mission, and supported by your soul allies
Which choice feels like soul recognition? You can become the Sovereign Thought Leader you came here to be.
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