1-on-1 VIP Immersion

Spend a day or up to three (3) FULL days working 1-on-1 with me (Katerina) in Laguna Beach, CA to shift your visionary trajectory.

Geared toward LEGACY building and establishing deeper spiritual alignment, Immersion Days strengthen your ability to serve humanity.



“When I returned home [after the incredible intensive workshop], my family told me I am glowing! I am 57 years old and have not found another system to compare to this and believe me when I tell you that I am a seminar junkie! Being in the presence of Katerina for this work is an honor! Thank you Katerina!”
Michele Sweeten

“Katerina helped me not only overcome the fear of being on video, she challenged me to launch my very first retreat, which was a big success and it also prepared me well for public speaking in front of 500 people.”

Cheryl Pierce, Entrepreneur and Founder of the SkinWorx

“I’ve worked with Katerina Satori for almost a year as her personal client and it changed my life: forever for better. She has a unique and powerful presence and can guide you to the most powerful place in the universe – being one with yourself, with your soul. I am forever grateful for Katerina.”

Charles Schaar, Entrepreneur and Founder of PaidToday

“Katerina was my co-pilot, as my business coach, during some of the most difficult transitions in my business. She helped me find my voice and my style in the business arena, helped me gain confidence and skills in generating clients for my firm.”

Tim Paschke, Partner and Design Director at Resin

“Katerina Satori illuminates path to expansion that transcends time and space. I am forever grateful to her incredible support and leadership.”

Joseph Rea

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The Thriving Mystics

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This free course will teach you to thrive online through service with your spiritual gifts. Become a thriving mystic so you can create your own economy and amplify your impact.