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Negative Thoughts Create Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

It’s totally normal when a negative thought passes through your mental body (like a cloud or a bird).

What is not helpful or useful is to watch that defeating thought build a nest in your mind and begin multiplying.

Here is the good news:


They are ALL recycled from the collective unconscious.

They rise up in the information field to see if they can “stick” to your aura. Once they stick and are allowed to be there, they begin to condense into what’s called THOUGHT FORM.

That thought form begins to act like a magnet for events, people, and experiences that match the core frequency of it.

Catch that negative thought before it builds its nest and multiplies.

You can begin by tracking the thoughts that disturb your peace.

You begin to notice that ALL of them have something in common: SEPARATION.

All of the negative thoughts want to convince you to believe that you are not strong enough to meet this new challenge, not good enough to be loved as you are, not brave enough to follow your calling, etc.

…all of these self-defeating thoughts have the same thread: CONTRACTION of your awareness.

All of those self-defeating thoughts attempt to make you feel SMALL and insignificant.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Begin to NOTICE the key theme of ANY and all negative thoughts.

It’s nothing new.

Once you see that all these negative thoughts come from collective unconscious in search for the right “host”, like mental parasites, you will have a massive epiphany!

You’ll see that you get to raise your mental immunity by CHOOSING to focus on APPRECIATION, GRATITUDE, and on the TRUTH of your being.

Yes, it’s a process.

And…what a liberating process of being in charge of your mental body. Knowing how to clear your mind so you only allow empowering thoughts that lead you to expansion, sovereignty, and serenity.

A clear mind can move through any obstacle.

See for yourself today.

Catch those self-defeating prophecies before they become manifest in your would.

Develop a Sovereign Mind.

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