You, And Only You, Can Open Your Spiritual Channels To Deeper Mastery & Ascend Into Your Highest Purpose Now

Dear Beloved Old Soul,

Can you hear the voice whispering into your heart?

Louder, and louder, your Dharma calls for your soul’s ascension, and her words cannot be silenced.

Trust me... I know the weight of your untapped potential can feel paralyzing.

You urgently want to express your divine gifts. You are a spiritual rebel who yearns to heal yourself and others. And you seek deep universal truths.

If this resonates with you, please know that you are in the right place.

And, by stepping forward into your Highest Calling, you get to journey where others may never DARE to.

You will learn to bravely:

If you'll let me…

I, Katerina Satori, will offer you a rare portal into teachings that are incredibly sacred to my heart…

...By walking through this portal, you too can master tapping into the Universe's infinite creative energy and channel new auspicious opportunities into your life.

Most importantly, you will embark down the path your soul is crying for – the road to greater remembrance.

As pledged, for my beloved live event attendees only, I am offering…

The Mystical Bundle

You can enroll in my six most sacred, proven spiritual programs here…

The Mystical Bundle is your comprehensive mystery school on-demand, for your embodied spiritual empowerment path.

From "Creating Your Altar" to your "Goddess Awakening" course – you will build exponential inner growth that is reflected in your outer world. These courses are a step-by-step journey to unlock your dormant creative potential and create success unique to your Dharma path.

Enroll In The Mystical Bundle Courses Today

Each of these programs are:

This offering came to me by Spirit as my way to support the evolution of planetary consciousness. It is available to my devoted live event attendees....

[ 1 ]

Create your Altar Class

Imagine creating a sacred space to harness your spiritual power. By cultivating an altar practice, you invite endless harmony, devotion, and protection into your home. In this course, you'll learn how to use this ancient practice to shift your frequency on-demand, daily. Discover the power of metaphysical objects, crystals, and stone people – and deeply nurture yourself with your altar ritual. Here, you'll also gain other practical tools to attract abundance into your life in minutes.

[ 2 ]

Frequency Shift

After creating your altar, Frequency Shift embarks you on a 5-week odyssey where you will fine-tune the skill of mastering your reality. In this course, you look inward to cleanse your aura and channel more of what you desire. You’ll learn to heal your inner child and clear decades-old ancestral wounds. Get excited to program your vibrations for prosperity and attract life-changing opportunities. After our last class, you’ll be prepared to integrate all you’ve received into your daily life. Join hundreds of advanced souls who have already aligned with their Highest timeline.

[ 3 ]

Working with Ascended Masters

With your consciousness rapidly awakening, you are ready, Love, to activate a multidimensional connection with the Ascended Masters. Inside this mystery training, you’ll learn about 7 benevolent teachers—from Thoth to St. Germain, Quan Yin, Mother Mary, and more—to discover a new, profound way of living. Get clarity on your true mystical gifts and galactic assignment. Learn practical day-to-day rituals for staying connected with your ascended masters. Stream into your life the next level of miracles, synchronicity, and mastery.

[ 4 ]

Sovereign Mind

Are you using your mind as a powerful tool or as a weapon of destruction? Sovereign Mind is the deep dive course that teaches you to rule your thoughts and fearlessly create from your Infinite Mind. Join me on this empowering 90-day self-mastery journey. Throughout six INCREDIBLE virtual classes, you will master your ability to move through resistance into inspiration. My students often call me a “Belief Surgeon” because I will help you purge old limiting beliefs – and take a Quantum Leap into your Mental Mastery.

[ 5 ]

21 Days of Presence

Now it’s time to quiet your mind & receive the daily frequency upgrade your soul yearns for. With 21 Days of Presence, each day you will receive guided meditations facilitated by me, Katerina Satori. I encourage you to follow your flow with these mediations – each audio evokes unique energy to set the tone for a rewarding day. This is a bonus offering.

[ 6 ]

Goddess Awakening

You are invited to see beyond the veil of this reality – and discover the Mysteries of the Goddess! In this life-changing program, you will deep dive into ancient mysteries and wisdom through the lens of Sacred Feminine. Nourish your heart by restoring your passionate connection with the Great Goddess and her 8 key expressions. From ancient civilizations in Greece to Egypt, India, and Tibet, you will learn rituals and channeled wisdom to awaken the divine feminine essence within your heart, body, and life.

For a limited time, you can enroll in all six of these courses in my incredible Mystical Bundle offer…

For one special price of $1,497.

...Or, if it suits you, you may make 5 flexible monthly payments of $299.

Remember, you will save $1,100 by joining me today!

Invest in yourself once and reap the rewards for the rest of this incarnation.

I recommend following these programs sequentially to accelerate your cosmic initiation. You may also choose your own intuitive path – either way I will create a cozy cocoon for your transformation. Simply show up as the devoted student you are. ❤️

Trust your inner YES…

Enroll In Your
Mystical Bundle Courses Today

I’m so proud of your commitment to your Own Heart!
~ Katerina Satori,
your grateful guide

COURSE Testimonials

“I loved so many things about Frequency Shift! I really loved the specific Clearings and what they targeted. Those parts of anyone’s life have a direct effect on our overall happiness and prosperity. These clearings were a catalyst to an amazing transformation in my life! I also really loved the format of this masterclass. There was a combination of teaching amazing concepts with practical tools that we can implement in our daily lives, and then there were the Clearings. Katerina did an incredible job at giving information for ALL levels whether you were a beginner or have already been on a spiritual path for years."
Anna Davila
Transformational Coach
“This course is so UNIQUE and nobody else teaches this powerful knowledge. The way Katerina teaches is incredible. I think that so often people want to teach you: here's this marketing funnel or here's this way of doing things and what people really need is learning how to trust themselves, how to get out of your own way, and how to stop being afraid. I appreciate what Katerina brought as a teacher and as a facilitator - truly life changing.”
~ Nicole McNeil
"Katerina Satori in an Experience!!! Magical, Liberating and Soul~Freeing! Katerina is THE upcoming Spiritual Leader to be watching! She is a woman with such deep integrity and commitment to herself and humanity.

She genuinely walks her talk and stands in her Truth, giving us all permission to do the same and with courage and conviction! I was recently guided to participate in Katerina’s 5-week virtual ceremony called Frequency Shift. Katerina created such a safe loving container, gently guiding us all every step of the way to deeper levels of awakening and healing with her sacred teachings and divinely channeled activations. The experience she created was truly breathtaking in every way. Truly Magical. Each person received exactly what their soul was ready to receive.

I experienced profound emotional, financial and physical breakthroughs, birthed three new creative ideas for my business that I’d been working on for over 4 years and really feel like I’ve healed my past on a deeper level than ever before, and with so much love and compassion. I experienced outbursts of new creative energy in my business, auspicious opportunities of financial abundance, new levels of awareness in my spiritual journey, heightened intuition when serving my clients and increased clarity around WHO I desire to serve. YES!!!! I felt a beautiful opening up of my heart and new levels of compassion for myself and others, which all really helped me arrive to a place of experiencing deeper levels of self-love, trust, clarity, emotional freedom, faith, acceptance, presence and peace of mind.

Katerina embodies ~ Love. Connection. Leadership. Creativity. Compassion. Generosity. Playfulness Commitment. Curiosity. Service. Resilience. Transformation. Courage. Divine Communication. Empowerment. Fun. Wisdom. Authenticity. Alignment. Truth. Beauty. Flow. Magic ✨ Miracles. Katerina is the embodiment of LOVE and LEADERSHIP in ACTION. Love to and for you! XO"
Lisa Rimas
Author, Leadership Coach
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