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My fellow visionary,
If your business’s greatest LEGACY was just behind this reality’s door…
Would you turn the key and invite a transformative breakthrough into your life?

Tell me, what would STOP you?

Is it the confidence to broadcast an entirely new brand message to your community – to transcend "burnout" or staleness of vision?

Or is it the calibration of your energetic frequency – so that you can soar past previous plateaus and start receiving generously financially for your sacred work?

Despite what keeps you dissatisfied, I know you are at a threshold and you crave EXPANSION.

Modern culture, and even our daily environments, seem perfectly designed to keep us "doing" in our business (and not "being").

Plus, as leaders, with each step forward, our success is paired with great uncertainty, and often loneliness.

We see that the wisdom of a mentor can shift the tides of our students’ lives. Yet, why do we recoil when it’s time to receive our OWN advisory?

For visionaries, I've found that the key to opening that door leading to your next "big idea" – is NOT a key at all.

... But a MIRROR that allows you to be seen for the fullness of your gifts.

Let me, Katerina Satori, be your trusted mirror on the greatest journey of all - YOUR journey.


For over 50 immersions, I've guided my students into a magical portal of adventure and accelerated growth.

These private one-on-one events allow me to unlock the blocks of limitations within you and reflect the fullness of your unique genius.

Through my own inner soul listening⁠—as well as through teaching⁠—your (often hidden) skills and gifts will receive a full illumination.

These divine discoveries will help launch you into your next level of mastery.

To join me, I am looking for impact-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to engage in a deep emotional, spiritual, and physical cleanse – as well as bold visionary and business planning.

Whenever I offer these events,
I know that a LEGACY is coming...

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1-2 Days In Ocean Bliss

Private Immersion In My Home

"Spanish Village By The Sea"

Imagine a sun-soaked paradise...

...filled with white sandy coasts, perfect weather, and stunning Spanish-style architecture.

Join me in the serene beach town of San Clemente to melt away the stresses of your entrepreneurial life. Think of this as your OCEAN rejuvenation – a portal to finding creative inspiration & a new rhythm in your life. When you arrive, I will greet you at my own sanctuary with green juices and smiles. We’ll set our intentions together with a fresh, colorful breakfast. From there, we focus on creative work sessions to deeply hone in on your vision. We’ll map out and refine your business curriculum – birthing courageous new plans and programs.

After the hard work, we'll unwind by riding electric bikes toward the crystal-blue ocean. For lunch, we’ll indulge in a garden-fresh local cuisine that's crafted beautifully by a chef. Think mouth-watering fish and vegan tacos, mmm! Meditations and sound healing will help to calm our minds and achieve harmony in between work sessions. In my dedicated healing room, we can focus on attuning your energy to your Highest self.

To further integrate the day's teachings into our physical body, we’ll take a trip to the spa for invigorating massages and beauty treatments. For women, we can even explore revitalizing new wardrobe ideas for you. We'll end our day with delicious wine and supper, soul-soothing conversations, and laughs. With each sunset, you'll truly fall in love with your calling all over again.

2-4 Days In Wine Country

Private Retreat

"Luxury Codes & Vineyards"

Is your spirit craving an other-worldly upgrade in frequency? Shifting toward joy and beauty in our environment can deliver a shining new perspective into lives. That's what Wine Country retreats are for - to inspire you to savor life and dare to dream of wild possibilities. After resting, we’ll catch up over a healthy, locally sourced brunch just before driving together toward the vineyards of Temecula.

We'll stay in a spacious ranch-style home, where we can start setting our boldest intentions. From there it's award-winning meals that focus on gourmet and seasonal ingredients that we'll enjoy over stunning garden views. Of course, we'll taste vine-ripened red, white, and sparkling wines grown straight from the estate with every meal – and while taking tours of the vineyards.

Hope you are ready for deep conversations about life, leadership, and everything in between! After our sunny adventures, from hot air balloon rides to leisurely strolls... we'll relax at the local spa with luxurious massages. Don't worry! You'll have plenty of time and space for reflection and writing. I'll share with you my meditation practices, rituals, journaling methods, and introductions to my most influential spirit guides. Yet, our most mind-blowing epiphanies are sure to arise from our lighter conversations and laughs. You'll leave Wine Country with a different rhythm and unforgettable memories for life. Best of all? You'll carry these energetic activations of serenity with you for many months to come!

1-3 Days In Mountain Immersion

Private Retreat

"The Visionary Mountain"

What if you could soar away to nature’s own utopia

– away from traffic jams or city noise? Come and experience the peaceful quiet of Idyllwild. This epic resort-style retreat is nestled in the beautiful San Jacinto mountains. Visionaries who join me in a Mountain Immersion are hungry for both a blissful woodland getaway and game-changing breakthroughs in their business. Picture waking up to the most gorgeous wildlife scenery out of every window. In the evening, we’ll enjoy glasses of wine over breathtaking sunsets (that don’t even look REAL).

The modern, spacious cabin where we’ll stay is an architectural beauty like a "diamond in the forest". This majestic environment will support the birth of your life’s work or the rebirth of existing programs. It's time to codify your wisdom together - to create your legacy. Surrounded by acres of private trails, mountains, and abundant greenery... we'll both discover and actualize your boldest goals. My clients walk away with incredible value after their Mountain Immersion – such as multiple new income streams or miraculously liberating structures for their business.

You’ll start to see beyond your limited vantage point to imagine radical possibilities – and you’ll never be the same. Of course, we will enjoy exceptionally delicious and healthy meals from breakfast to dinner - as well as space to integrate and meditate on what we've learned. You are the Sovereign of your business – it is time you truly embody it.

Ready to embark on your own epic, soul-shaping journey?

During our initial call, I will study your work and we’ll uncover what immersion is best for your goals. Depending on your intention, your journey will empower you to...

Ready to take a leap into your next level?

Please inquire about each immersion (all meals + adventures + experiences are included)! But hey, this is a business expense... So doesn’t it make sense to invest in a vacation that you can write off on your taxes? 😋

The price range is $5,500 - $15,000 based on the number of days and type of event.

After our time together, in 30 days, I will follow up to discuss the seeds that you have planted in your business and how they have grown since. I will also offer any additional support you may need and answer your questions.

I know it’s hard to believe that only a couple of days can drastically transform your life. Yet, a trusted mentor can help save YEARS of misdirection in your business. Until you experience this with me, you will just have to read my other happy students' testimonials…

Each retreat is customized for your needs and goals.

"Katerina Satori is a master teacher and powerhouse guide. She has served me as my main leadership coach and business mentor. Working with Katerina is like working with the most benevolent, motherly psychic who also happens to be an expert business strategist. She has an uncanny eye for recognizing the creative genius within her clients and supporting them in bringing it out into service. You'll feel seen, loved, and supported as you expand into embodying more of your dormant potential when you work with her. She can also be a tough coach when you need one. She won't settle for less than your best. That being said, she will hold you in the field of Infinite Love and Grace when you are at the low points along your entrepreneurial path. Work with Katerina if you want to step into awakened leadership at a time when humanity desperately requires Divine Guidance. She can show you the way."
"Thank you for our private intensive together, Katerina. To say it’s been highly transformative does not even start to describe it! First of all, I recouped my investment BEFORE our day together, just by using one simple strategy that you gave me in the prep material. But that is just the beginning of it. What happened on this day was magical. You are magical. You come to the moment with such pure love, being totally grounded AND connected at the same time. We feel heard, with zero judgment, and it’s priceless. Our day has helped me tremendously to realign my business in the right direction AND it healed some pretty deep personal stuff at the same time.
Thank you a thousand times."

I am here to help you remember how powerful and brilliant you already are.

Start Your Application For Private Immersion!

Remember, there are limited slots in which I can take students on these retreats every year, so please get in touch soon… I look forward to exploring this divine opportunity with you. Trust your inner YES!

Your transformation awaits,

Katerina Satori

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