Dive Deep into the Gene Keys Transmission

Accelerate and Illuminate Your Highest Path

Break Karmic Relationship Patterns and Discover True Love

Align To Prosperity and Harmony You Deeply Desire

Unlock Your Dormant Genius

Do you know what gift you came here to offer the world?

We all come into this world without a map.
We find our gift through a lot of trial and error.
What if I told you, I have access to YOUR unique road map? That soul blueprint designed exactly to support YOU in:
“When I returned home [after the incredible intensive workshop], my family told me I am glowing! I am 57 years old and have not found another system to compare to this and believe me when I tell you that I am a seminar junkie! Being in the presence of Katerina for this work is an honor! Thank you Katerina!”
Michele Sweeten
You’re a deep diver. You LOVE esoteric wisdom.

What’s even better?

You ADORE applying everything you learn to serve the world and your family in a higher way.

What if I told you, I’ve been studying wisdom teachings for over fifteen years and I am yet to stumble upon something as potent, profound, poetic, and SYNTHESIZED as the Gene Keys?

I bet you’d want to get your Starseed, Advanced-Soul hands all over it!

Who I Am?

Hi, I’m Katerina Satori, a modern feminine mystic and a Visionary Leadership Mentor for content creators, coaches, CEOs, and executives. I’ve been working with the Gene Keys for several years now and completed a comprehensive training for the first 300 of the Gene Keys ambassadors in the world. It is my deep honor and privilege to share this wisdom with those souls that are ready to receive it.


You’re eager and excited to learn more about the:
If this is you, you’re invited to one of my Gene Keys Intensive Workshops.

The next dates are January 20-21, 2024 in San Clemente, CA

I’m excited to guide you, and nineteen other like-minded leaders, through a mystical journey.
I’ll take you through the 3 major pathways to illumination and enlightenment that we find in the Gene Keys:




Feeling the inner yes?
Only 12 SPOTS Available!
"I had an absolutely stunning experience at the Gene Keys workshop with powerhouse vessel of wisdom Katerina Satori, anchoring unprecedented levels of love, beauty, magic, potent possibility, integrity, Divine devotion and profound codes of Genius onto our Earth."
Solara Sophia Rose


9:30 AM – Check-in
10:00 AM – Opening
12:00 PM – Prime Gifts

  • Outer Gifts
  • Inner Gifts
  • Programming Partners

12:30 PM – Lunch Break

1:30 PM – The Golden Path: A Transformative Journey to your Essence
3:30 PM – Group Activity
5:00 PM – Deep Dive  Into the Six Lines of the Life’s Work

  • The Structure of Your Destiny
  • The Mystery of Your Dharma
  • Practical Tools for Integration

6:30 PM – Sound Healing Meditation
7:30 PM – Closing

Day 2

10:00 AM – The WHY behind ALL You Attract
12:30 PM – The Path of Love or the Path of Isolation
1:30 PM – Lunch Break
2:30 PM – Insights and Questions

Afternoon theme

3:00 PM – The Money Triangle

  • Offering Your Gifts to the Whole
  • Living in Synchronicity,
  • Unity, and Abundance
  • Prosperity vs. Wealth
4:30 PM – Integration Work + Group Shares
5:30 PM – Closing Ritual
6:30 – 7:30 PM – Sunset Integration Walk

Ready to enroll on this two-day divine experience?

There are only 12 SPOTS. They’ll go fast!
“I had an amazing time yesterday at my soul sister and colleague Katerina Satori’s Gene Key workshop diving deep into how to unlock and embody our inherent genius and maximize our gifts in the world.
When aligned and congruent leaders in divine purpose come together cosmic intelligence cannot help but flow through and create unparalleled possibilities.”
Ronnie Landis, Health Master Teacher


“I am in awe of how you taught Gene Keys. So much brilliance, grace, love and devotion. I appreciate you so much Thank you.”
Cheryl Pierce
“That’s some serious creativity in action - masterful work, Katerina - super inspired.”
Tim Paschke
“Some teach as it is their occupation. Others teach as it is their gift. You are obviously the later! Such a very gifted teacher you are! All my love and gratitude to you and to all that gather and made our day so special.”
Carlie Cruz

Ready to have your own epic,
transformational experience?


There are only twelve. They’ll go fast!


You’ll be redirected to the private Facebook group where I (Katerina) will personally greet you and welcome you. All the logistics of the event will be posted in the group.
Your transformation awaits,
Katerina Satori

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