Become a mystic who earns abundantly to impact a world that craves your wisdom!

The Codify Your Wisdom Program

with Katerina Satori

90-Day Live Virtual Program

Learn to scale your sacred teachings without stress.

To earn money through your soul's mission is a beautiful gift. Yet at some point, many motivated wisdom teachers will find themselves at a crossroads in their work.

Is it possible to grow your impact – without straining an already packed calendar? On my journey to serving my Higher Purpose, I, Katerina Satori, encountered this same fork in the road.

It was five years ago. My inspiration for coaching ran bone dry.

Each of my private client’s contracts were wrapping up, but I didn’t have energy to enroll MORE 1-on-1 people. I wondered, how did some entrepreneurs earn so generously through their heart-centered service?

This was a sign I needed to release limiting beliefs around my ability to lead. Taking a bold and reluctant leap, I launched one of my first group programs..."Frequency Shift".

Before this program, my time was spread thin working with just five clients. Sound familiar? To my surprise 50 people rushed to join the Frequency Shift offer – at $555 per client.

With one group program (promoted only on my social media, not using any paid ads or any funnels)...

I earned $27,750.

It was easier than I ever expected. And, I got to experience the JOY of true impact!

Aside from group programs, there are many simple ways you can "clone" your presence. Today, my diverse mystical offers provide me a lifestyle I could only dream of before.

Maybe you’ve also tried coaching the same way every year, but...

...Then, it's time for you to CHOOSE to lead in a new way too.

It’s time to see and present yourself as a Thought Leader.

Thought Leaders are teachers who prosper because they package their embodied knowledge, experience, and processes into a repeatable framework for others to follow.

YOU can do this by digitally creating a curriculum for your students to follow. This is what truly liberates your time (and provides clarity around your deepest message).

Like hundreds of other thriving Thought Leaders, I’m willing to show you the exact steps to building a sustainable mystic business and designing your digital legacy.

You’re invited to the first "Codify Your Wisdom" program.

Codify Your Wisdom is a 90-day program where I provide spiritual entrepreneurs rare “over the shoulder” live training to help build their Thought Leadership CURRICULUM – using the simplest & most fruitful process.

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Your learning path in Codify Your Wisdom:



Thought Leadership Mindset

What does it take to follow a courageous journey from seeing yourself as a coach––or even an influencer––to rising into Thought Leadership? In our first training, we will examine your limiting beliefs, small ideas, or distrust in your own genius. Learn to see your soul gifts in their fullness, leave overthinking and perfectionism behind, and choose to lead in a new way. Mindset is the key to your prosperity!



Unearth Your Message

Let’s turn your message into movement. Find, define, and refine your most convicted message, unlock your true voice, and draw your ideal clients with the power of your soul. With deeper clarity on your values, I will show you effortless (and authentic) ways to promote goodwill with your tribe and skyrocket your authority online.



Your Unique Business Model

Learn the 8 most lucrative ways to monetize your knowledge in the Thought Leadership space. From online courses to membership models (including high-end to broad and accessible), you’ll find the business structure that makes your heart sing. I’ll give you plenty of flexible options to experiment with. I’ll also teach you how to use Kajabi, the simplest technology to share your wisdom, which I've used to earn $300k without meeting clients.



Build a Sacred Curriculum

You’re now ready to create scalable programs for your students. It’s time to dive into my signature 4-Step Curriculum Creation Process. Leave overwhelm behind and walk into liberating simplicity. I’ll give you my own blueprint; from envisioning every single program to delivering it to my community with ease and grace. You’ll also learn the purest marketing strategies to magnetize aligned clients for your new curriculum (even if you don’t have a big audience!)



Teach Groups to Grow

You’ll step onto an accelerated growth path the day you begin teaching groups (instead of focusing only on 1-on-1 work). I’ll help you master the Top 10 Adult Learning Principles to foster a positive learning environment in your virtual group classroom. Help your students achieve their desired results and feel delighted in the process. Learn my signature Teach Anything Framework to simplify your work – then adapt it to your unique style.



Master Archetypal Embodiment

Do you know which archetypes we shift through on our path of service to humanity? Allow me to help you anchor the key archetypes to support you in rising to Thought Leadership. Leader, Healer, Teacher, and Creator are power archetypes that will lead you to unlock your unique creative mastery and brilliance. Connect with your students deeper by developing strong archetypal qualities.



Webinar Magic (Bonus)

Webinars are magical! They help you build trust with your community, expand your message, and master your presence and expression. Unfortunately, many soul-preneurs shy away from webinars fearing their complexity. In this intensive, I will show you step-by-step how easy (and fun) it is to deliver your message on a webinar. You’ll even get to fill the seats for your newly designed program during this training.

You get all this by joining

"Codify Your Wisdom"

at the introductory price of 12 payments of $333

(or save $400 by paying in full - $3500)

Step away from feeling exhausted and repeating the same “monologue” with each client. Step INTO your role as a Thought Leader who spreads wisdom from generosity & earns money while they rest.

You may think “I don’t have time to join a live program” but please consider the years you could lose learning this alone. You must create the time to liberate yourself from a full calendar.

By enrolling in Codify Your Wisdom you'll get:

Tomorrow is never promised – Codify Your Wisdom challenges you to think about creating your LEGACY by storing your knowledge.
That way, your ideas will change lives for generations.

Join this divine teaching experience before hot seats fill up. They will go fast.

What Others Are Saying...

"Katerina Satori is a master teacher and powerhouse guide. Working with Katerina is like working with the most benevolent, motherly psychic who also happens to be an expert business strategist. She has an uncanny eye for recognizing the creative genius within her clients and supporting them in bringing it out into service. You'll feel seen, loved, and supported as you expand into embodying more of your dormant potential when you work with her."

- Brittney Wylde, Mentor, Podcast Host

"For anyone curious about the work of Katerina, I encourage you to swoop up the opportunity. Lots of guides and coaches on the planet and fewer that are actually sharing from wisdom that runs deep."

Stephen McGee
Leadership Advisor
"Katerina's genius radiates from her like the sun. She skillfully wields her intuition, weaving her wisdom and experience into her coaching with grace, patience, and laser accuracy. Any opportunity to learn from her is one not to be missed!"
Britta Green Violet
Conscious Impact Spiritual Advisor
"Katerina opened the path to female wisdom for me - a softening of my heart. Throughout all the time she was the most patient and divine guide I could have ever imagined - she helped navigate through all my doubts, tears, and "dark nights" on finding my unique way of business success. Without her support, I would never create that easy-flowing 6figure business I am running right now. Her support is no support but divine guidance. That is priceless."
Tina Breit

About Katerina

For over 8 years, Katerina Satori has been serving inspiration and value content to a global community of thousands. After arriving in the USA with just $3 in her name, today Katerina is a self-made entrepreneur offering 22 digital courses on business and mystical mastery. She has earned $350,000 through the online course creator platform “Kajabi” alone—all organically, without ads or funnels. For her rapid success as a 3x Kajabi hero, Kajabi invited Katerina to speak at their impact conference. Katerina is also an Amazon Best-Selling Author and runs an internationally recognized educational company. As a sought-after mentor for thought leaders, 7 to 8-figure entrepreneurs and CEOs, Katerina helps her clients transcend stuck attachments, embody their genius, and ascend into ecstatic co-creation with life.
I believe we fall or rise to the level we identify ourselves. Should you choose to enter this field of working together, you will be choosing to expand into your fullest potential as a Thought Leader, and I will meet you at each step on that path.

I look forward to your presence,
Katerina Satori


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