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Change Neon Sign

Change Is The New Stability

Change is the support of stability.

EMBRACE it with an open heart.

If you are on the path of ascension, if you are here to serve the Divine, and if you are here to contribute to the WHOLE,

You are given challenges not because you are not manifesting in the right way or progressing fast enough,

You are given challenges PRECISELY because you are ready for the next leap of consciousness.

CHAOS is a signal that a new order is coming into your life.

Turbulence is a signal of a new ALTITUDE you are rising to.

HONOR the times of great trial, given to you by your Oversoul, a true architect of your Destiny.

Surrender the fight, the struggle, the demand for things making sense…

Find that pure, devotional space in your heart, the place of your original innocence, that knows exactly how to surrender and trust the current your life AND ministry/leadership is taking.

Take this one in DEEPLY:


?Change is always in support of greater stability.

Dance with the Winds Of Change.

Feel your fear, don’t pretend it’s not there…

Accept the fearful feelings and transmute them into love by ACCEPTING what is and remaining radically open to your path.

Katerina Satori

Sovereignty Mentor

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