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Let me ask you a question, beloved friend...

Have you ever considered what might happen if you truly went for it?

What if you dared to create braver (yet more liberating) business systems and broadcast your message to thousands of new faces – without overthinking about the outcome?

As a gifted coach, conscious creator, or transformative healer, I know that...

… In fact, with each sunrise, you pour your heart into your personal development. You strive to refine your craft, imbue your work with sacred knowledge, and fulfill your Dharma.

But there's an often-overlooked shadow to this gift...

With so many skills to learn, it’s easy for soul-based entrepreneurs to veer off course. When choosing from new training, mentors, and certifications, how do you know where to start? Then even after learning, you might never feel knowledgeable “enough” to start offering bolder services.

You may think "If I refine my craft a little more, then maybe someone will discover my brilliance."

...Yet, this thinking often distracts spiritual entrepreneurs from taking fearless forward action.

By relying on “chance” to actualize your dreams, you’ll end up feeling lost, uninspired, and totally burnt-out. That's because...

Mastering your craft alone is NOT enough to create a massive impact in the online space.

To become a bold, courageous and intelligent creator that thrives in the online world, you need help mastering the right business strategies – otherwise, crucial skills (such as sales) can become limits you don’t transcend.

You're not alone if you feel that "traditional" business training doesn't translate into the soulful guidance your heart needs. For many conscious entrepreneurs, sales can seem pushy, sleazy, and downright immoral, right?

But I'm here to tell you one thing… Investing in these skills does not mean you must forfeit your power across social media platforms or uncomfortable sales tactics. What if you actually needed very few skills to achieve a life-changing breakthrough?

…What if sales could be just as sacred as your healing work?

Here’s what I’ve found. Learning the right marketing and business strategies is what swings open more doors for you to lead by your heart's wisdom. And salesmanship is what empowers you to speak about your mission with clarity, enthusiasm, and conviction. With salesmanship, you create bold offers from the seat of your soul (and serve more).

When you listen closely to the pulse of the collective, you'll hear that, right now, hundreds of thousands of people are starving for hope... They're starving for a fresh vision of humanity.

Many of these people are your dream clients. And by refining your business expertise, you can become more visible—and ultimately—bridge the gap between your gifts and their burning needs.

If you're here, I know that you are magically talented, and are probably serving a fraction of your potential. This week, you might be spending full days with a client or two…

But don't you long to reach an expansive community (in far less time) from a place of deep devotion?

You know that radical change is key to achieving radical abundance – both in your life, mind, and business. And the longer you wait, the less vitality you have to learn these game-changing skills later.

So, ask yourself...


As promised, I’m delivering a special offer to support your journey, Darlings.

For my beloved community of lightworkers, I’m offering…



The Business Brilliance Bundle (BBB) teaches soul-based entrepreneurs the same simple strategies that I used to grow a premium business serving passionate, 7-figure clients. This bundle is my three most powerful business courses. It equips you with a blueprint to effortlessly connect with aligned clients and build a thriving practice for life.
Each course is fully self-study, go-at-your-own-pace online learning – yet will transform how you serve & succeed.


Do you aspire to serve 5 to 6 figure clients from a thriving, premium practice anywhere in the world?

Luxury Launchpad is your proven soul-based success system – now yours on-demand, for life.

In this most comprehensive business mastery program, you'll learn…


Business Athlete Mindset is the "mini-course" that teaches you steps you can take right now to achieve rapid, conscious success.

Sovereign Coach is your intensive, on-demand training to prosper in your coaching practice – without straying from your spiritual service.

For a limited time, you can enroll in my most powerful three business courses at one special price of $2222…
…or 5 payments of $444
With BBB, you save $1272 purchasing my proven business success programs:

Luxury Launchpad, Business Athlete, and Sovereign Coach.

A short message from Katerina..


Luxury Launchpad



"The Sovereign Coach Virtual Intensive with Katerina Satori and other 20 women leaders- conscious entrepreneurs, from around the world, felt like a magical retreat in a circle of family.

Katerina is masterful in translating business topics into timeless principles and feminine language, which make it compressible to women who lead with their hearts.

Her commitment and way of being puts you at ease around the topics that can otherwise feel constricting, restricting or overwhelming; such as online marketing, virtual coaching, scaling, competition, enrollment, and pricing, just to name a few...

The content was well structured and very generous! The passion, commitment, and devotion of everybody in the virtual room were palpable. My biggest take away was the distinction of 3 levels of spiritual consciousness that clients come with. It illuminated a whole set of issues I unconsciously created in my business- for not having had this important piece in place!

"Katerina's programs always fill up fast. I am very grateful that I was able to participate in it all the way from Slovakia. Katerina delivered a needed boost in a time of social distancing and a stagnant economy, sharing her secret "know-how" in how she creates her own economy despite collective crises. I would take this program again and then again a few more times :-)"
Klara Fischerova

Why the Business Brilliance Bundle will elevate your confidence to take action & invigorate your deepest purpose...

Here’s what I know...

By investing in your future, you serve yourself – and when you serve yourself, you serve ALL.

By choosing to forge your own reality, you too can ascend to my level of Sovereignty, instead of waiting for change.

By enhancing your earning power, you will free up resources to create more time & spaciousness, by hiring assistants or freelancers to aid your mission.

...And I also know that if you stay committed to my programs, you'll receive every cent of your investment back to you – from your newly uplifted offerings.

So, what path do you choose?



For a limited time, you can enroll in my most powerful three business courses at one special price of $2,222…

…or 5 payments of $444

With BBB, you save $1272 purchasing my proven business success programs:

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