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Person Viewing Universe

Benevolent Universe?

It all comes down to this:

Do you see this universe as

1. A random, chaotic, and mechanical universe, in which your main job is to survive, to make through the day, and to claw your way through this hostile jungle


2. A conscious, ALIVE, full of information, frequency-based universe where you are an integral part of a holistic system, of an interconnected web…

where you get to participate in co-creation of your MOMENT-by-MOMENT experience, playfully responding to the ripples/waves of information that the universe is made of

…and where you live in a state of absolute trust in the Higher Intelligence that birthed you into existence so nothing is left for you to do but be in WONDER, openness and willingness to flow with the current and appreciate EVERYTHING…

This is a FUNDAMENTAL choice of perception that every human gets to make.

Is this a friendly universe or a hostile one???

Cause that ??affects ALL of your choices when the great winds of change enter your life…

Do you kick and scream in resistance?

Or do you smile in serenity, seeing all of this as a DIVINE PLAY of consciousness,

Consciousness gathering feedback,

Consciousness experiencing itself in an infinite ways and forms,

And you are that wave in an ocean of consciousness,

Rising and falling,

All is welcomed by your open heart…

in my work, I’ve learned that there is NOTHING for me to teach anyone until they are crystal CLEAR what kind of universe they BELIEVE they are living in.

Their belief is reflected in their choices and frequency they emanate.

It’s really that simple.

You get to choose.

Moment by moment.

Is it a loving universe, my Divine Mother, whose cosmic womb (void) I am being held and reborn anew?

Or is it a hostile jungle through which I must claw my way out?

BOTH are available.

You get to choose.

I’ve made my choice and continue to RE-MEMBER my ancient soul lineage…

I nurture my relationship with this loving universe, my Divine Mother who I trust so completely and my life continues to WOW me through all the dips and valleys, voids and Initiations,

Nothing NOTHING can break my trust in the benevolence of this universe and that…Is the ultimate freedom…


A sweet liberation…

All available to you too.

What kind of universe do YOU live in?

Katerina Satori

Sovereignty Mentor

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