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"Am I a visionary leader?"

"Who am I to relate to myself that way?"

If you are asking yourself this, I would respond that you are a visionary leader, not because you want to be, but because you were born to be. Your ego really has nothing to do with it.

You are a visionary leader when you have a vision, and the instinct to lead.

At the core, it’s that simple.

What it takes to fully stand in your visionary leadership, though, is a journey of becoming who you are destined to become, and creating what you are destined to create.

And to do that, our work is about transcending stuck attachments, embodying your genius, and ascending into ecstatic co-creation with life.

If you enter into the field of our work together, you will find these things to be true:

Should you choose to enter the field of working together, you will be choosing to expand into your fullest potential as a visionary leader, and I will meet you at each step on that path.

Here are 3 ways to cross the threshold into our deep work together:

If you are not ready to cross the threshold into this deep 1-on-1 work, there are two self-study paths to explore:
Since the age of 7, as a young girl in Soviet Russia, I knew this was an important lifetime, and started asking myself,

"What is my purpose for being here?”

This knowing has given me the courage to start my life from scratch, three times:
Once, when I moved to the USA at age 23, with $3 in my pocket, and began work as a housekeeper. Three years later, when I went through a divorce, and five years later, in 2012, I experienced a deep spiritual initiation that would change me forever.

Over the past two decades, I’ve embarked on a profound exploration of consciousness:

  • I’ve immersed myself in over 100 ceremonies with Ayahuasca, the sacred plant known as “The Vine of the Soul,” guiding others to healing and spiritual connection.
  • I’ve journeyed with Bufo DMT 5-MEO, the potent “God Molecule,” exploring the depths of cosmic consciousness. 
  • I’ve meditated in the rugged caves of Zion National Park, honing my mind and spirit amidst the intensity of the elements’ cold, heat, and wind.
  • I’ve absorbed wisdom from elders and diverse sources, earning the playful title of “Walking Library of Alexandria.”
    I’ve collaborated with visionary leaders across industries, bringing spiritual insight into the business world.
  • I’ve built a thriving online platform from scratch fueled by insights from the quantum realm.
  • I’ve nurtured a global community of spiritual leaders.

Today, I carry the torch of wisdom passed down by spiritual luminaries, illuminating the path for a new era of conscious leadership.


I now know without a doubt that my life is not my own, though it’s the most sovereign lifetime I’ve ever lived.
I live with the prayer “Allow me to align with my true path”, and my path is one of remembrance & devotion:

...Remembering myself as an initiate of light, as a translator of the divine, as a priestess of ecstasy.

Remembering these things not from a place of ego, but from a place of embodied reclamation and humble awareness.
…Devotion to evolutionary consciousness. Serving this powerful shift in consciousness with my own gifts and expression, and guiding others to do the same.
I am a student. I am a teacher.
I am so happy to meet you.
Katerina Satori


Katerina Satori’s ultimate devotion is to evolutionary consciousness. Her work is focused on guiding visionary leaders to stand fully in this devotion, too, through transcending stuck attachments, embodying their genius, and ascending into ecstatic co-creation with life.

After moving to the USA at age 23 with $3 in her pocket, she worked towards the spiritual initiation that would forever shape her devotion, and anchor her mission. Katerina is a transdimensional seer, wisdom channel, mystical mentor, and forever student of the path of ecstacy.

You can find her courses, ranging from business brilliance to mystical mastery at

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